Stock Photo Options


DCFB Stock Photos:

DCFB owns various stock photo images that we can use in your design, however, not all business stock fits every situation. If you need a very specific image that is not part of our general library then there will be an addition fee. There are a number of options available. Depending on your budget and job requirements some options will make more sense than others.


Professional Photography:

You can hire a professional photographer if you have a very high-end ad or perhaps a product that you need placed in a particular setting.


Pros: Get a unique image for your application.

Cons: Cost can be high


Rights Managed:

You can purchase a rights managed image that you license for a particular project  - these images are higher cost, however they are managed by the license company and have a much more limited distribution. These images can be thousands of dollars depending on your application.


Pros: Not much chance that you will see the image used by a competitor.

Cons: Cost can be high.


Royalty Free:

Royalty free images are those photos or illustrations that you purchase through a stock house like Getty-One or Veer. There are thousands of images that are taken by professionals. They can be purchased in CD collections or individually. The images can be used in your materials with limited restriction. Typical prices range from $399 for a CD of 100 image, to $399 for single hi-res images. Web images can be purchased for around $100.


Pros: Good Quality Images. Good Selection.

Cons: Cost can be high for small budget jobs – overuse of images is a problem.


Independent Stock: (Best Value)

There are a number of independent stock houses that allow photographers to upload and sell their own photos. has over 500,000 images available, many of them available for as little as $3 per image for full page hi-res images. This is a great option for most applications. Very high quality images for a very reasonable cost.


Pros: Good Quality Images – low cost.

Cons: Limited selection of corporate images compared to the larger stock players.


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