What Type of Print Job do I need?


Traditional Offset Printers – 500 QTY min.

Offset printing is a printing method used for accurate reproduction. Most brochure, folder and catalog work done in smaller QTY that we do are done using this method. The output is very high-quality. We recommend this for jobs over 500 in QTY. Once you get below that it is not really economical to run on this type of press. If you are getting a quote on Offset printing make sure you get the quote on a few different quantities. What you will find is that usually the cost does not increase that significantly when you go from say 500 to 1000. So the more you run the cheaper the cost per piece.


Web Printing – Very larger Jobs 10,000 QTY

If you print anything in large quantity you may need to go a Web Press to do it economically. Web printing is used for large runs of magazines and newspapers. The paper is on a roll and runs through continuously rather than the sheet feed offset presses.


Digital Printing

The latest technology is a great choice for lower quantity production runs. It is a good choice for running a handful to a few hundred pieces. The process is different than Offset printing in that it uses a toner based process. We have run a number of jobs on this process with fairly good results. It is better in quality than say running out of a color laser printer, but not as good as Offset printing, color can be a little flat. Good choice for running say 100 Folders, Binder covers, posters.

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