Targeted Marketing:

The presentation folder is a must for a sales kit, or media kit. Customize the contents by using different inserts for different clients.

Custom Pocket Folders


Sometimes called Presentation Folders or sales folders, these continue to be the most requested format for larger brochure design. Pocket folders measure 9 by 12 inches and include one or two 4-inch pockets on the inside. One pocket usually includes slits for a business card.


The design is great for adding marketing sell sheets and inserts. This gives you the most flexibility as you can inexpensively reprint pieces that changes frequently without having to throw away the entire brochure. Perfect for a media sales kit.


Use the inside left panel to provide your customers with general company information that you do not anticipate changing. If you need additional space for this kind of information, additional spreads can be stapled inside.


This design has universal appeal for all industries who are interested in portraying a professional image, including banks, technology companies, law firms, manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, construction companies, and more. It's a good format for trade shows and conventions.

Pocket folder, presentation folder popular formats

Popular Formats


Pocket Folder Samples

chicago convention and trade show media kit design samples
oil industry marketing sample
aviation sales marketing samples - small planes
consulting firm marketing brochure samples

  Your initial print cost
for a folder is higher
than a traditional
brochure, but you can
make that up in the
longterm by saving on
reprinting only the
inserts you need

two color design sample pocket folders

Sell Sheets

Sell sheet, consulting firm design sample - inserts
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