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Things to consider when developing your company logo
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Here are a few quick rules of thumb to keep you going in the right direction when developing a logo for your business:


Keep your logo simple

The tendency for people is to try to do too much with their logo. Sure your image is important but no company ever achieved success based soley on their logo. A simple design is best for a logo. Remember you may want to use your logo on other products and it may need to be printed in various formats and color schemes. Even if you don't think you want to use it for these applications now, plan for company growth - so try to develop something that is as flexible as possible. You can design a logo in 4 color that looks great on screen, but try putting it on pen, or a coffee cup in black and white and it may fall apart. Try to think of all the potential applications and if your final design will fit into these applications. Also think about size. If you have a long company name that you are spelling out next to a larger graphic it may be a problem at small print sizes.


Identify sample logos you like

As far as development time you can save some headaches if you have an idea of what types of logos you like before you begin. Give the designer some examples of styles of logos that you like and what you don't. Think about colors also and try to convey that up front.


Avoid large committee designs

The biggest problem we see is when logos are review by large groups of people. In general if there are more than a few people with a final say on design there will be problems getting everyone to agree. The more people that are involved - the longer it will take to get consensus. Try to be specific when you provide feedback to your designer. Just telling them that you don't like anything will not help. Try to tell them what you don't like about a particular design and what parts you do like and why. Very specific feedback you provide will help them get closer on the next pass.

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