Tips for Sourcing and Working with Graphic Designers and Printers


We are starting to add in a few tips to give our customers and potential customers a little insight to the process of graphics, layout, design and printing. Most people who call us do so for a reason, they really don't have the time or the expertise to do the design and layout of a company marketing piece themselves. Most of them really don't want to know, but a little bit of education can make you a smarter buyer, save you money, and help you get a better finished product.


There are a always a few pieces of information that make the entire process go a lot smoother. Many customers ask the same questions and have similar concerns about the process of designing materials for their business. We've started with a handful of items and topics listed on the right and plan on adding many more over the next few months. hopefully some of these topics will help you in sourcing your communication and design projects and keep you from making costly mistakes. In the future we will be adding more topics that relate to advertising, technology, useful products, the internet, building web presence and getting traffic.

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