How to Choose a Design Firm?


Choosing a design firm on the internet can be tricky. We hear many horror stories from new clients each year on how they got burned.


Here are a few things to watch for that might lead to problems:


1. How long has the company been in business? Design shops come and go, and some can go with your money.


2. Do you recognize any of their clients? Do they show more than one item for clients? Companies don't do repeat business with firms they are not happy with.


3. Can you view samples of their work on their web sites? Best way to decide if you like the style of work they do.


4. How many sets of revisions do you get with your design? Get this figured out before you start the job and avoid hidden costs often called authoring adjustments.


5. Are they building from a template or are they developing the design from scratch? If you are paying for custom work make sure you are getting it.


6. Will you own all the design work when the job is completed or do they retain the rights to the source art. Many clients learn this the hard way when they go to use the design for something else and realize they do not own it.


7. Is the company a design shop or are they a printer just doing design on the side to get the printing work. Some printers have great designers in house, but know who you are working with.


8. If you are providing images or photos are there additional charges for scanning and getting them ready for print?


9. Understand what the final output will be and exactly what you will get at the end of the job. Make sure you know what the file type will be and what format they will deliver it on.


10. Careful of lowball prices, good design takes time and good designers get paid for their work, if something looks too good to be true - it probably is!


11. If you are getting a print quote make sure you know what type of press your project will be run on. Most low ball print quotes on the internet are being done using digital press. These are ideal for short run jobs (under 500 QTY) they do not have the same quality as an traditional offset press.

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