We provide ALL the final artwork and SOURCE materials upon completion of the job. Many design firms do NOT offer this to their clients, instead they retain the rights to the design materials.

  When requesting a quotetry to get a good estimateon the number of productsper page in the catalog.Let us know if you have all the images, and are they hi-res?The more detail, the moreaccurate the quote. 

Catalog Design


We help companies get their product out there with professional and high-quality sales catalogs, training, and promotional product catalogs.


  • Business Catalogs
  • Promotional Product Catalogs
  • Sales Catalogs
  • Training Catalogs
  • Marketing Catalogs


Sales Catalogs tend to be very custom to your product line, so it's best to call or E-mail with your specifications to get an accurate quote. Our quotes are fixed bid and include client revisions. Other shops will charge for authoring adjustments and run up the design bill. What might look like a good deal at first may not be.


We like our clients to be happy with their jobs and not have any surprise costs. Our jobs include reworking photos, concept design, revisions, typesetting, layout, PDF proofs, and building final output that is “print ready”.


We provide all the final artwork and source materials upon completion of the job. Most design firms do not offer this to their clients, instead they retain the rights to the design materials.


Our clients come from all over the country and range in size from small start-ups to Fortune 100's. We offer flexible options geared towards small business and startup companies.


Catalog Samples

promotional product catalog sample
Bank industry catalog sample design
chemical company catalog products example barrington
childrens book catalog sample
training course catalog design samples
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