Common Brochure Sizes


Here are some of the standard brochure sizes in the U.S. along with common applications. When you are dealing with print cost it's all about paper waste, so you can save some money by going with a standard dimension for your brochure.


If you are going for impact, you can always use a custom size to get your materials to stand out, just keep in mind it may cost a bit more.


Marketing Mailers Advertisement

4" x 6" Card Mailers

6" x 9" Card Mailers


Travel Brochure Cards

4" x 9" Rack Cards


Sell Sheets, Slick Sheets, Inserts

8.5" x 11" Flyer


Half Catalogs, Small Booklets

5.5" x 8.5" Folded Booklet


Executive Brochures, Full Catalogs

8.5" x 11" Folded Booklet


Trifold Handouts, Mailers

8.5" x 11" Flat (Folded Tri or Bi-fold)


8.5" x 14" Flat (Folded to GateFold)


Large Format Trifolds, Corporate

11" x 25.5" Flat (Folded to Trifold)


Presentation Folders, Media Kits

9" x 12" Pocket Folder - Single Flap


Plain Company Folders

9" x 12" Pocket Folder - Double Flap


Company Brochures

9" x 12" Pocket Folder Brochure - Single Flap

w/single spread saddle stitched (8 page)


Common Folds

Most Common Brochure Folds
printer brochure design example

Most clients have no clue how to size their brochure. We'll help you come up with size that's right for your business, and give you some ideas on ways to stand out from your competition.

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